About the Program:

The City is giving recognition to gardens which utilize drought tolerant plants and water saving irrigation devices.  If your garden qualifies, you will receive a free sign to place in your garden recognizing your water conservation efforts. 


To qualify as a Water Wise Garden, the landscaped area must:

  • Be greater than 150 square feet;
  • Use a smart irrigation controller or similar device;
  • Limit turf (grass) to 50% of the area or less.

The landscaped area must also have two of the following:

  • Use of at least five drought tolerant plant species (as indicated on the CA-friendly plant list at www.bewaterwise.com or similar list).
  • Zero run-off onto sidewalks or driveway.
  • Use of drip lines or bubbles instead of sprinklers on any section of landscaping.
  • Use of rotating sprinkler heads instead of older models.
  • Provide a pathway(s) within the garden made of permeable surfaces.
Design sketch of the recognition sign.

Download the application here: 

waterwise garden app.pdf waterwise garden app.pdf
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