Brag about your Bag!

L.A. County Single Use Bag Reduction and Recycling Program

Did you know... that about six billion plastic bags are consumed in LA County each year?  Only five percent of these bags are recycled leaving the other 95 percent to float around as litter or take up space in landfills.

LA County's Single Use Bag Reduction and Recycling Program is a collaboration between local government, stores, bag manufacturers and environmental groups with the goal of reducing litter and waste generated from plastic bags.

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Some tips on what YOU can do to reduce plastic bag waste:

Refuse: Don't accept plastic bags for large items like milk jugs that can be carried on their own.  Don't accept bags with only one or two small items; these can be placed in a fuller bag.

Reuse: Instead of throwing them away, reuse your plastic bags to line the trash can or dispose of your pet's waste. When using plastic bags to dispose of trash, be sure to tie the handles together when the bag is full.  This will keep the bags from blowing away and becoming litter when they are on their way to the landfill.

Recycle: Return extra plastic bags to your grocery store and place them in the plastic bag recycling bin.

Remember: Bring reusable bags with you when you shop! Keep reusable bags by the front door, in your office, and in the car.